Literary Analysis of Poems,Art, Music(Artistic Activism)


From The Professor: For this essay, you are asked to write a 4-5 page literary analysis essay on an artwork of your choosing.  I’m defining artwork broadly.  It can be a poem, painting, sculpture, music video, song, etc.  It can be from the ones I’ve selected for us or any other artwork that speaks to you.   The one requirement is that it must be a form of artistic activism.  It must capture the spirit of what we’re living through.  The artwork does not necessarily have to be related to Black Lives Matter, COVID, or Climate.  It can be about any subject or issue you care about (immigration, gun control, LGBTQIA+ rights, etc.).     Here is your prompt: How is your chosen artwork a form of activism and representative of the time we’re living in?      To respond to this question, begin with the steps for analyzing poetry and art.  You should analyze how the formal features as well as the content of the artwork work together to create the larger meaning of the artwork.    Here are a few questions to help you get started (these do not need to be answered explicitly in your essay).  These are meant to be compositional activators to help you analyze your artwork.   What are the formal features of the artwork? What might your chosen artwork be about? What might it be protesting or celebrating? What role does art play in making or accelerating social change?   The essay should be in MLA format, begin with an introduction that introduces the artist and artwork, and presents your thesis.  You should have focused and cohesive body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences.  And you should still have a conclusion in which you consider the role of art in accelerating social movements.    Here’s how I will grade your essay:   1.     How effectively you close read (analyze) the form and content of the artwork 2.     The connections you make between the artwork and the issue/topic it responds to 3.     The cohesiveness of your essay 4.     Sentence-level features including concise writing, strong verbs, etc.     From me, the student: I will provide two poems and four links to some artwork images that can be used to write the Essay.


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