Investigate and write a report on Right Wing Extremism and Terrorism in Australia, with reference to specific groups/movements, ideologies and recent events in order to make an assessment of current and future threats and/or risks.


Scenario:  Approach this task as though your audience knows nothing about right wing extremism. For example, consider yourself writing this for a senior official moving in to the Counter-Terrorism domain, or a politician who is moving in to a new portfolio.   Format: Report Your threat assessment must follow the report structure below. Further use of subtitles are strongly encouraged.  Report Structure Should Cover  Executive Summary Overview of the report, findings and recommendations. This should be a single paragraph.   Table of Contents Not counted in word limit. Introduction  Introduce the country to be analysed, parameters, components, and establish the outcome of your threat assessment up front. This should be a single, concise paragraph Background Is RWE a new threat or is it well-established in your country of choice? If it is well established, make your overview of the historical context as brief as you can. Don’t let it consume too much of your word count.  Body Introduce and examine current movements and/or groups, their ideology, beliefs, and recent attacks. This should be the bulk of your discussion and should provide all the evidence required for the reader to see the logic in your Threat Assessment. Threat assessment Based on the information above, and make an threat assessment about the future of the RWE threat in that country due to those groups. Consider potential targets, perpetrators, tactics etc in your response. Recommendations On basis of the threat assessment, how should this threat be countered? Reference List  Not counted in word limit. Must be in Chicago 16/17 style.  RATIONALE back to top SUBJECT LEARNING OUTCOMES This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to apply principles, frameworks, and concepts for right wing extremism and terrorism research to inform strategic understandings in a variety of security contexts. be able to analyze and evaluate ideas, concepts, and challenges presented by the right wing extremism and terrorism, to formulate empirically-based analysis on historical, contemporary, and emergent right wing threats, in order to produce high level threat assessments. be able to formulate complex conclusions on right wing extremism, and communicate these conclusions with insight and clarity to audiences in a variety of security contexts


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