Research Project (Mood and Memory)


Your research project will employ (at minimum) a 2 x 2 factorial design with accompanying write-up in APA style as designed by the student.  At least one independent variable (IV) must be a “true” manipulated variable.  The other IV can be a subject variable (e.g., participant sex, age, hair color, etc.).  You will run AT LEAST 10 participants in your study. The rest of the results are to be made up to fit your expected interaction.  All students will have a minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed research sources (i.e., professional journal articles) that you both cite and reference. 1.  An electronic copy of your Final Paper must be sent to the instructor by the due date (-.5 point/hour late) 2.  An electronic copy of your final data file and output must be sent to the instructor by the due date (-5 if missing) 3.  You must have 10 participants per condition (i.e. cell). (-1 point per missing participant – this is the collected data AND the made up data) 4.  You must submit hard copies of all data collection materials for each participant (-1 point per participant) 5.  All questionnaires, images, scripts, stimuli, consent forms, and debriefing forms must be submitted as    Appendices with your Final Paper. (-5 pts) 6.  Tables and figures must be made in APA style via Excel (- number points as described on p. 4) 7. You must submit an electronic copy of this assessment form (p. 2- 6) with your final draft (-5 points) 8.  Final papers must be accompanied with a correct turnitin score as submitted through Blazeview (-5 pts.) 9. New articles – any missing articles (complete article never submitted) (-5 points) 10.  The content of the Final Paper will be ordered as following: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References, Tables, Figures, and Appendicies 11. An additional sheet with the location of materials from other previous folders.  This should also include turn it in score 12.  All work must be submitted appropriate assignment locations. (SPSS will need to be used to form graphs/tables for parts of paper)


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