Pick a Side


Please write an essay where you take a side on the following issue: In response to incidents such as Virginia Tech and Columbine, a NJ law has been proposed that would allow eligible students to carry concealed firearms on all college and university campuses. “Eligible” is defined as students who can legally own firearms under normal circumstances; a gun permit would still be required, and students with convictions for violent offenses would still not be allowed to carry firearms regardless of this law. Do you agree or disagree with implementing this law? Try to support your discussion with examples and evidence when possible, even if your supporting points are theoretical or hypothetical. You must choose one side or the other – avoid sitting on the fence as much as possible.  Standard Essay Rules * Essays should be at least five paragraphs, and roughly 250-500 words. * Avoid using personal examples or first person speech (“I” or “we”) except in brief instances. * Cite quotes and information from outside sources. Use MLA format.  (Links to an external site.) * A works cited entry  (Links to an external site.)  is required for each outside source used. Use MLA format.


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