Video questions


Please watch video, the answer the following questions.  1. Charley opens the film by saying that “[when] they want us to come out here and work in the cotton fields, they call us Mexicans. As soon as there’s a war, all of a sudden we’re Americans.” Analyze he meant by this comment? 2. Charlie expressed his sense of strength in his identity related to his military service when stopped by the border patrol in his hometown of Corcoran, Ca. (He pulled out his fake eye) Would you agree with the statement, “Some minorities have experienced a pattern of wanting to serve in the military to prove their patriotism and disprove negative stereotypes about their race or ethnic group.” Yes or no and explain your answer? Does this still hold true today? 3. Charley observes: “It seems as though they took our farm workers to go fight their farm workers.” What did he mean? List at least two connections Charley makes with some Vietnamese people, the people whose land we had invaded. 4. What images of Chicanos in the military have you seen in movies before watching this film? How did the limited options available to young Chicanos in California’s San Joaquin Valley influence their choice to enlist? 5. How did the war change the political awareness and identity of Chicanos?


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