Essay 6 (History)


***Below are the instructions. The source would be 1 of the Assigned reading PDF ARTICLE I attached. The professor is picky in that the Questions below have to be answered based on 1 of the PDFs & Only choose 1 Set of questions, A or B to address in the essay. *PROFESSOR’S INSTRUCTIONS* After completing the assigned readings for Module 6 (CH 25-26 of the book “Out of Many: A History of the American People”, Volume 2 8th Edition), craft a two-page, thesis-driven essay addressing one (1) of the following sets of questions (Set A OR Set B). Base your essay primarily on the assigned reading by either David K. Johnson OR Steve Estes.  Set A Why did Eisenhower administration officials consider homosexuals and other “sex offenders” national security risks during the Cold War? What evidence did they present to justify firing these individuals? What methods did they use to force them from their jobs? Why did sexual immorality become such a threat to family life during the Cold War? OR Set B In what ways were issues of gender at the heart of the civil rights struggle for both civil rights activists and white segregationists? How did both sides define manhood? How did ideas about manhood shape the debate over nonviolence inside the civil rights movement? How did these views impact women within the movement? This assignment is worth 25 points and will be judged on the following criteria: (a) adequacy of reading and preparation, (b) effectiveness of written presentation (grammar and composition), (c) insight into the subject and its significance.


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