: Listening Activity and Reaction Log


The 1970’s Write your own personal reaction to each of these recordings.  For these listening reaction assignments, the goal is to write what you hear and perceive; as always use only your own words.  3-5 sentences per musical selection.   For each selection: Primarily, we are trying to ascertain what is meaningful about the selections.  You may use any of the following questions to start the process.  Some of the questions are more pertinent than others depending on the song, use your best judgment as to which may apply for a particular song.  If you have an alternate observation do not limit yourself to the following questions, but it must be pertinent to the general goal of analysis and reflection on the song.  Although your personal enjoyment or not of a particular piece is certainly valid, we are looking for more than that in these reactions. Some questions to consider in your evaluations:  What is the goal of the performer in this song?   What musical elements do you detect (lyrical/literary elements, rhythm, melody, use of repetition or variation, how the instruments are used, tempo (speed)?   How does the music relate to the lyrics of the song?  What changes occur in the music during the song?  Do these changes relate to the lyrics?  When you hear the song, are there any feelings, images, or other associations that you draw from it?   What aspect of this performance particularly stands out to you?


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