Dissemination of Evidence Part 3


Directions: In this assignment, you will complete the final paper Dissemination of Evidence Paper Part 3 to include all revisions and sections from Parts 1 and 2. In addition, this part will include a discussion on recommendations for practice changes and a conclusion. As you combine the previous parts, incorporate revisions based on previous feedback received from your instructor. This assignment is the assigned course artifact.  Use a total of 4 sources including the 3-instructor approved peer-reviewed scholarly articles dated within the past 5 years and the assigned course textbook. Integrate the 3 articles throughout your paper. Integrate the assigned course textbook discussing the evidence-based practice model. Use a maximum of two direct quotes and multiple paraphrases as supportive evidence throughout the paper with in-text citations and matching references formatted in APA style. Each short direct quote should contain less than 40 words.   Complete a 3 to 5-page APA formatted paper (excluding the title and reference pages) using the third-person point of view to include the following: Introduction (1 paragraph):Use the selected articles as sources as you: a.  Identify and introduce a nurse-related topic of interest. b.  Describe your interest in the topic        Clinical Question: State your revised clinical question. The Literature Search Process (1 paragraph): a.  What databases or search engines did you use? b. What keywords and limiters were set in place and what was the number of hits received? c.  How many articles were initially reviewed before you chose the three appropriate for the topic? Justification of the Topic (1 to 2 paragraphs): Discuss two reasons why this topic should be investigated and provide in-text citations to support your claims. Evidence-Based Practice Model (1 to 2 paragraphs): Use your textbook as a source to select one evidence-based practice model for discussion: a.  Identify the evidence-based practice model and discuss why you selected the model (provide in-text citations to support your claims). b.  Identify one key stakeholder and explain how this stakeholder relates to your topic or proposed project. c. Discuss how the stakeholder aligns with the selected model.   Findings (3 paragraphs): Provide in-text citations and report a summary of the findings from the 3 approved scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Summarize each article in one paragraph by identifying the: a.  Type of study. b.  Purpose of the study.  c.  Description of the sample (describe the sample and state the number of participants). d.  Results (Explain the findings and include statistical significance such as p value for quantitative results and themes/concepts for qualitative results). Recommendations (3 paragraphs): Based on your findings, use in-text citations to discuss one recommendation for each of the following: a. Clinical practice (1 paragraph). b. Nursing education (1 paragraph) c. Policy development (1 paragraph).  Conclusions (1 paragraph): Provide a concise summary of the evidence on the topic and state how the evidence you found supports your clinical question.  Submission: Adhere to page limit and utilize available resources as needed including Grammarly, Academic Writer and Smarthinking Tutoring Services. Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. Submit your assignment to the Turnitin Dropbox to review your Turnitin report and score. Edit your paper per the Turnitin Guidelines and resubmit as needed to the Turnitin Dropbox. Upload the revised version of your paper to the Assignment Dropbox for grading.


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