Final Paper (BOOK: A Stolen Life By Jaycee Dugard)


This goes hand and hand with the presentation. Final Paper The subject author chosen will also be the subject of the major final paper to be turned in the last day of class. The final paper should be done in the form of an I-Search paper. An I-Search paper is written in four sections: • Introduction • What I Know, Assume or Imagine • The Search • What I Discovered Introduction: The introduction should give the reader some indication of why you have chosen to write about this particular topic (in this case, author). What I Know, Assume or Imagine: Before conducting any formal research, write a section in which you explain to the reader what you think you know, what you assume, or what you imagine about your topic. There are no wrong answers here. The Story of My Search and Results: Test your knowledge, assumptions or conjectures by researching your topic thoroughly. Consult all the sources you can find such as books, magazines, newspapers, films, Internet, etc. Be sure to record all the information you gather and keep track of how you went about gathering the material. Write up your search in a narrative form, relating the steps of your discovery process (this means that you are going to tell the story of what you did to research this topic and what you learned in the process). Do not feel obligated to tell everything (you don’t have to tell us the boring stuff), but highlight the happenings and facts you uncovered that were crucial to your hunt and contributed to your understanding of the information. This is where you should be integrating your sources into your paper. What I Discovered (Reflections of My Search): After concluding your search, compare what you thought you knew, assumed or imagined with what you actually discovered; assess your overall learning experience, and offer some personal commentary about the value of your discoveries and/or draw some conclusions. Some questions that you might consider at this stage: • How accurate were your original assumptions? • What new information did you acquire? • What did you learn that surprised you? • Overall, what value did you derive from the process of searching and discovering? Don’t just do a question/answer conclusion. What final message do you want to leave with your readers? You will be required to attach a formal Works Cited or References page, following the MLA or APA format, listing the sources you cited within your I-Search paper. You will need to use a minimum of four sources for an individual paper or eight sources for a group paper (two per section). This paper can be prepared as a group or by the individuals. Generally speaking, you should be having each group member prepare an I-Search paper for the section he/she researched for the presentation. This would mean that each individual receives his/her own grade. However, you are free to create one unified “group” paper that covers all sections in one I-Search paper. This would result in another “group” grade where all members receive the same grade. If prepared as a group paper, the paper should total between 8-10 pages, minimum. If each member is preparing an individual section, each paper should be between 3-4 pages, minimum. The paper must be typed, prepared in MLA or APA style. For the I-Search paper, you are not to use Wikipedia as a source. I have included a variety of links on my web page for a number of possible authors. Grading Criteria: Employs effective language — Grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, etc. – 10 pts. Uses proper MLA style and formatting – 5 pts. Employs proper structuring per I-Search requirements – 10 pts. Integrates sources into paper and cites both within text and in Works Cited page – 15 pts. Properly reflects search techniques and information gathered (section 3) – 25 pts. Utilizes quality sources and sufficient quantity of sources – 10 pts. Organizes properly, cohesively and coherently – 10 pts. Is of sufficient length per requirements – 20 pts.


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