Congenital Esotropia, Clinical Diagnosis in Children Under 18 Moth Age


Method a.      Identify the type of method used in the research: meta-analysis b.      Step-by-step process of the research c.      The tools used in the research: databases, articles, “keywords,” software features  d.      how the tools were handled e.      At the time of writing the method, the research has already been completed => write in past tense f.       Active & passive voice g.      Please do not use 1st or 2nd person; only 3rd pers h.      Identify minimum 5 references: used for our research; published within the last 5 years 6.      Results a.      Results are written based on studies identified in Method b.      Present Results objectively/neutrally  c.      Table/figure/graph (visual) d.      Add a narrative: identify the info in the table e.      Do not interpret Results! Economic Impact of Covid-19 on US Economy   Criterium 1 Criterium 2 Criterium 3   Small business Medium-size business Large Business Art1: Smith (2020) ·   Hit hard ·   Close business ·   Re-invent business ·        Partial losses ·        Went online Art 2: Johnson (2019)       Art 3: Randell (2020)       Art 4: Goldberg (2020)       Art 5: Gore (2019)        From XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx


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