Relationship paper


The relationship paper is an analysis and interpretation of a relationship where you are the participant. The paper should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Time New Roman, size 12 font. The paper itself should describe and analyze a relationship in where you are a participant. The relationship can consist of interaction that takes place between you and someone else. It can be a social relationship, a romantic relationship, a professional relationship, or other. In your observations you will need to describe the following:  Who else is involved in the relationship and what are your roles?  Is there a sense of power or authority of one over the other?  Is the relationship positive or negative?  What is unique about this relationship?  What type of relationship is this?  Is this a healthy relationship?  Other aspects of the relationship that you deem important to share Once you describe the relationship, you will need to provide an analysis of how you feel about the relationship. For example, if the relationship is romantic, is there a sense that one has authority over another and not equal. Keep in mind that I am looking for in depth answers to your analysis. Is the other person assertive? Do you show empathy towards each other? Is the relationship healthy, why or why not? Remember to focus on the communication that is taking place, how and why? I understand that actions have a lot to do with context, but how do the actions affect communication? For this paper, also be sure to use 5 terms from the book and underline them. Define them within the structure of your paper and explain how it ties in to the example you are using. You can use more than one term for an example, if it is merited.

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