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Prien, Goodstein, Goodstein, and Gamble (2009) defined several tools and techniques for gathering data related to a job. In Week 1, you completed a position questionnaire for a potential job analysis. In addition to a position questionnaire, there are other tools available to gather data and information to support the analysis.


Further explore three of the tools defined by Prien et al., (2009) for data and information collection. Define and explain each of the tools, and provide the reference(s) for the source. Explain how each of these tools would add substance related to the position and credibility to the resulting job analysis.


As a human resource manager, choosing the right tool to do the job is part of the skill and responsibility required for successful outcomes. Based on the first letter of your last name, you will review the scenario that you have been assigned to and determine the most appropriate tool(s) for gathering the necessary data and information for a credible job analysis.

Last names A – H

Scenario 1: A call center with 15 customer service representatives that work 8 hour days, with rotating three shifts.


Formulate in your own words what this position might look like. Describe the type of information needed to properly analyze the position and how the tool(s) will be deployed to gather the appropriate information. Provide specific reasoning for each tool chosen.


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