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Assignment Instructions:

Assignment Overview:

This final assignment requires you to synthesize and summarize multiple sources of knowledge and content related to your advocacy action plan in order to  design, create and record an in-depth seminar to propose your plan to a target audience of professional decision-makers.Getting started: You may use the presentation media of your choice, but if this is your first time to participate in this type of requirement, a good starting point is voice-over PowerPoint as that process is simple to record and upload.

To use this option, follow these steps:

  • Develop your Power Point presentation outline and narrative script.  The required slides are listed below that will encompass the required presentation components for your advocacy action plan.  The narrative script may be new for you, but will help you develop a quality, organized and on-time presentation.
  • Practice to ensure you meet the minimum time requirement! Presentations must be 7-9 minutes in length.
  • Access this instructional video at: (Links to an external site.)
  • Record the presentation and upload to Canvas.

Oral Presentation Assignment Criteria (10-12 slides)  Review the Global Sports Mentoring Program Action Plan Guidelines.  NOTE: Your oral presentation will be 7-9 minutes, but you are to use this template to guide the organization and creation of your oral presentation.

  • Title slide: name of project, your name, course name and number, date
  • Overview/Introduction slide: brief summary of the project
  • Roadmap
  • Compelling Idea/Story (i.e., Your “WHY”)
  • What:  What is the issue you are trying to change or impact?
  • So What? Why do you care?  Why should your viewer/audience care?
  • Now What?:  Your action plan
    • Mission/Vision
    • Goals/Objectives
    • Program Activities
    • Potential Partners/Funders
    • Evaluation
  • Conclusion/Call to Action


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