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Module Learning Outcomes
The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully
1. Analyse infrastructures used to meet energy supply and demand
2. Evaluate technologies for energy production in terms of interactions and differences between them, and defend the need for diversification
Assignment Objective
The module reviews and evaluates traditional methods of energy production and renewable energy technologies. Fundamental theories are presented from a physical science perspective. The application of these principles is then evaluated through the use of applied examples and case studies.
Assignment Tasks
1. Each student is required to choose any two forms of energy and compare between renewable energy ( solar ,hydropower , wind energy ,biogas energy ,hydrogen energy ) technologies considering capital and operational costs, the types of energy take in and give out and its efficiency, and environmental impacts .
2. Energy diversification and complementarity have an essential role to play in the world. As the resourceful engineer, analyze the need for energy supplies diversification in Oman
Module Code: ENVR 0016
Module Name: Renewable and Waste to Energy
Level: 3
Max. Marks: 100
Renewable and Waste to Energy (ENVR 0016)-Spring -2020 -CW (Assignment 2) – Session A & B– QP
MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 2 of 10
You may use NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY MOOC Course ( free course ) using the given below link inorder to complete the tasks given above
Link [ ]
Assessment Structure
. The Assessment should contain the following sections:
 Introduction
 Report body
 Conclusions
 References
1. Introduction ( 300 words ) – Analyse on how changes to the energy supply infrastructures can contribute to secure access to energy. You may also consider the impact of building sustainable energy infrastructure on energy supply and demand
2. Case study/Evaluation of the case (report body) ( 900- 1100 words )
The previous sections are preliminary sections. Case study’s body section is organized as follows:
Headings should be informative and descriptive providing a clue to the contents of the section.
 Describe the context of the case. Present the central issue you will be analyzing, what decisions have already been made or changes needed.
 Justify your renewable energy resources selection, and discuss how you select the renewable energy technologies; support you selection with solid evidence .
 Present summaries of your findings, and what is acceptable/not acceptable as a solution with justification.
3. Conclusions ( 100 words )
Every report should include a concluding statement/s on the subject of the report. Restate the aim of the report and state how you have achieved it. Present the main findings and key recommendations in a summarized. You should also restate the limitations of the report.
4. References
This is a list of all the sources of information you have referred to in the report (Harvard References Format); minimum 10 references.
5. Appendix
Any additional figures, tables, and photos if required
Rules & Regulations:
 All resources should be cited using CU Harvard style.
 The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography using CU Harvard Style and page numbers.
Renewable and Waste to Energy (ENVR 0016)-Spring -2020 -CW (Assignment 2) – Session A & B– QP
MEC_AMO_TEM_034_01 Page 3 of 10
 Title Page must have Assignment Name, Module name, Session, your name, ID, and the name of the faculty.
 Softcopy in word format is to be submitted through Turnitin link on Moodle.
 Assignment must be computer typed.
 Font – Times New Roman
 Font – Style – Regular
 Font – Size – 12
 Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, Capital and Underline.
 Explain with suitable diagrams wherever required. Diagrams must be drawn using suitable software or by pencil.
 Each student has to do the assignment individually / Students have to do the assignment collaboratively and each student should write a brief reflection on their contribution and learnings from group work.
 You can refer books in eLibrary or use internet resource. But you should not cut and paste material from internet nor provide photocopied material from books. The assignment answers should be in your own words after understanding the matter from the above resources.


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