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You have been tasked with identifying health hazards associated with a          production line at a manufacturing facility.

Employees at the beginning of the  line use a solvent to  clean the         surface  of medium-size auto parts, and then  they place the parts on a  moving    line. As  the parts move along the line, an  employee sprays them with a         powder  coating,  and the parts move through an oven.  Another employee removes    the   parts from  the line and places them in slots in a  cart for       transporting   to   shipping.

You have been provided safety data sheets  for the solvent used for cleaning    the parts (attached) and the  powder coating that is  used (attached). Use the JHA form to  identify the potential     health  hazards  associated with the process. Attached is the  Basic Job  Hazard  Analysis form. You  will use the Basic  Hazard  Analysis  form to  enter  your  responses and to     answer  the four questions   listed below.   Please   upload  this  completed     document to your instructor  for  grading.

Prepare  a  two-page homework assignment summarizing your health  hazard        analysis and   answer these questions from the Basic  Job Hazard         Analysis  form.

  1. What are the health       hazards associated  with  the operation?
  2. What are  the primary  exposure  routes  associated with  each health                           hazard?
  3. Are there  any  potential   acute or  chronic  health effects for any of                          the  health  hazards  you  identified?
  4. Are  special hazards   associated  with any of the   health   hazards?

You may  use the safety data sheets provided  above,   information from  the    OSHA or NIOSH  websites, or academic references from  the   Internet to answer     the questions.  Citations are not required for this   homework  assignment;      however you may want  to use them in order to answer the       questions.


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