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You are asked to write an analysis of the labor market you expect to enter into upon graduation. This analysis should be unique to you, your major, and future occupation and industry. 2.You should apply the various concepts covered in class to analyze your labor market including but not limited to (1) the costs and benefits of your chosen major/occupation, (2) supply and demand. 3.To complete the assignment, you will need to find data showing the recent trends in wages and employment for your industry or occupation and create a chart in Excel to display this data. The chart should be included within your essay in MS Word written in an easy to understand professional language. In fact, you should adopt the style of a major newspaper journalist so your ideas are clear and persuasive to your readers. You will be graded on your ability to write effectively as well as your ability to analyze the labor market. 4.You must directly cite all references you use and if you use the words of others they must be in quotes and referenced to the page of the reference. Do not use the work of any other student past or present. Failure to do this will result in a presumption of academic dishonesty.


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