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(Auden, Muldoon)

Instruction: By “paragraph” I mean: a few sentences to half a pagetono more than a page (double space).

1)It seems like the two stanzas of Auden’s“Musee des Beaux Arts” reach their separate unrelated conclusions? Discuss/Explain [A paragraph or more. 5 points]

2) Why does Auden in “On this Island” reject the sense of rediscovered Englishness (the insular view) for the “Full View”? Discuss[A paragraph or more. 5 points]

3) What moral issues does Muldoon’s “Hedgehog”raise, if any? [A paragraph or more. 5 points]

4) Muldoon’s divided identity modulates the experience of grief in his “Milkweed and Monarch.” It either lessens it or heightens it. Does his divided identity prevent him from experiencing the real magnitude of the loss? Or/And does he recover his Irish identity soon enough to finally grieve? [A paragraph or more. 5 points]

3 PDouble spaced


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