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This final assignment will be a departure from the three previous Analysis Assignments. It will require you to research, develop, and write an APA formatted research paper on Computer Network Security Issues. Using the following steps will guide you through the process. 1) You have the basic knowledge of network hardware, software, and operational theory from your work during this course thus far, which will be utilized in this research effort. 2) While some students may have considerable knowledge of cybersecurity issues, we are assuming you do not. As a result, the eBook Network Security A Practical Approach which is posted should be studied and utilized as your security issues resource, along with additional Internet research as you desire. The eBook was published in 2006, but the fundamental security issues described in it have not changed. 3) The following research questions can be used as a guide or outline for the development of your research paper: a. Discuss the types/sources categories of security threats that can damage or destroy network operations and ultimately the data and information. Consider both cyber threats as well as physical threats (building/server security, fire or similar catastrophic event, personnel access to equipment, et al). b. Consider and discuss the types of cyber attacks that can be leveraged against network hardware, i.e. keystroke loggers, attacks on router and switches, network media, and other vulnerable network hardware. c. Consider and discuss the types of cyber-attacks that are leveraged through network topologies, i.e. types of networks and remote access. Also, discuss what parts of the OSI network model are most vulnerable to attack. d. Research and discuss the following types of cyber-attacks that can penetrate network operations, with extensive detail on the inner-workings of the network hardware and digital technology involved: TCP spoofing, denial of service attacks, wireless network attacks, and Internet of Things (IoT) security issues. e. Briefly discuss the role of the human factor (users following security procedures such as passwords and falling for phishing attacks) in network security. f. Detail the five most important factors or potential issues you should always monitor to maintain a secure network. g. Finally, draw conclusions and summarize the key points from your literature research. 4) The document should be prepared following these guidelines: a. 10 pages, including a cover page and reference list, double spaced or 2800 words minimum. b. APA format should be followed with at least 8 references (see the APA format tips PPT). c. Diagrams and graphics are encouraged but not mandatory. d. The document should be well organized and professionally written, carefully proofread, and spell-checked and contain an introduction and conclusion paragraphs. e. Heading throughout is recommended to enhance the readability and interest of the reader. 5)


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