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THIS IS MY PROBLEM PROPOSAL: Freedom vs Responsibility

The United State of America has been sold as the land of the free. It’s a great thing that the citizens of this country are free to do as they want. Nevertheless, people need to understand that freedom comes with responsibilities especially in times like this with this pandemic. States have been telling people to stay at home during this pandemic but some people disagree and think that the government just wants to limit their freedom while they are still spreading the virus and making the pandemic worst. That’s why today the USA is the country with most cases of COVID-19. To really be free we need to make responsible choices not thinking just as an individual but as a society.

The last sentence should be my thesis stamen.

Final Essay (Problem Proposal Argument Paper): Identifying a problem and then arguing for the best solution

Assignment: Write a 5 – 7 page typed and double spaced paper that explains a social problem in U.S. society and recommend the best solution. In this paper, you will have an opportunity to critically study the origins and solutions for the social problem that you feel has become a major issue in U.S. society. Your paper will be comprised of these components:


Introduce the issue or problem by using a real or hypothetical example, a personal anecdote or story, a quote from you or someone you know or someone famous, or a shocking image.
Make clear the seriousness of the problem by using a fact or a statistic.
Give some background on the history of the problem.
State your proposed solution in the form of a claim. This will serve as your thesis statement and should be the last sentence of your introduction.


First, present your problem more thoroughly by explaining the following in detail:

What exactly is the problem?
What are the causes of the problem (one paragraph per cause)?
Who or what is most affected and how are they affected (one paragraph per effect)?

Second, present what has been tried already to fix the problem by explaining the following in detail:

List one solution that has been tried to fix your problem. In doing so detail

the parts or components of the solution
who or what agency tried to implement the solution
the positive affects of the solution
the negative affects of the solution if any, and
the problems associated with the solution.

Third, present your solution. In doing explain the following in detail:

Begin to present your solution by discussing how it is better than the solution that you just mentioned above that some other individual or group has already tried. In doing so explain why you believe your proposed solution is better.
Make clear the goals of your solution.
Describe in detail the steps needed to implement your solution (one step per paragraph) and how each step will help solve or lessen the problem that you are discussing.
Explain the positive consequences that will follow from your proposed solution. Make sure in this section that you explain the good things that will happen and the bad things that will be avoided if your proposed solution is implemented.


Summarize the problem that you have discussed in your paper. In doing so make clear why it’s a problem based on the points that you’ve already raised in your paper.
Remind the reader again about why they should care about your problem.
Issue a call to action. Give your readers something that they can do to help move toward your proposed solution.

Overall Requirements:

The final draft will need to have a cover page with the flowing info: name, class day and time, title of essay, and date. You will need to cite your sources using MLA documentation and you will need a Works Cited page at the end of your paper.
You will need to use a minimum of 3 sources for your paper. Two of your three sources must come from the databases on KVCC’s library website.


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