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Write a 4-5 page Comparative analysis paper based on an “orientalist” artwork from the Getty Center and a second artwork by a non-Western artist. Apply Edward Said’s idea of “orientalism” to analyze how the two artworks represent the non-Western subject in different ways.
1. Select one of the following “orientalist” artworks from the Getty Center (you may select the artwork that you wrote about in paper 1):
Andrea Mantegna, Adoration of the Magi, 1495-1505, distemper on linen
Beauvais Manufactory, The astronomers, 1697-1705, tapestry (wool and silk)
Jean-Baptiste Pillement, Market Scene in an imaginary port, 1764, oil on canvas
Henry Weekes, Bust of an African Woman, 1859, marble
Jean-Etienne Liotard, Still Life: Tea Set, c. 1781-1783, oil on canvas
Johann Joachim Kandler, Group of Japanese Figures, c. 1745, porcelain with polychrome enamel
Eugene Delacroix, Moroccan Horseman Crossing a Ford, c. 1850, oil on canvas
2. Select a second artwork produced by a non-Western artist that compliments your chosen artwork above (this second artwork can be selected from lecture or any other source).
3. Write a comparative analysis paper including the following:
1. Detailed and succinct descriptions of the two artworks
2. An analysis of 2-3 similarities or differences between the artworks
3. A discussion of how the artworks reflect or deny Edward Said’s idea of “orientalism”
4. Evidence of research beyond lectures*
4-5 pages, double-spaced
Regular margins
Illustrations (photographs not sketches) of the two artworks Bibliography (3-6 sources)


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