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Paper should be double-spaced and typed. This paper should be on the experience working for the SEEK Department with Medgar Evers College. Due to the college moving to online classes after COVID-19, all work was done remotely. I had to research resources from various CUNY college student leaders, Medgar Evers College Student Government Association and the University Student Senate to find support for the SEEK student population. I had weekly calls with Student Government to develop a student emergency grant, weekly calls with USS to work on another student grant and find resources. These are some of the resources I had to gather for students.

-Homeless shelters (please research the requirements to be able to stay there)
programs/ job opportunities ( for our students who recently got laid off)
-Income programs/ Rent Support
-Food Pantries
-Toiletry pantry

This is some of the resources I helped gather

This page has information about the program and the links on the side give more info about the demographic and highlights

Part A. Describe the agency in which you did your Service Learning
Include the following: agency’s mission, vision, staffing, client population/ethnicity, services provided, number of clients served, and number of sites if applicable.
Part B.
Describe a specific social issue addressed or population served by your service learning agency (for example, substance abuse, child abuse or HIV/AIDS, etc.). Paper should be at least 7 pages typed and double spaced
a) Name the social issue or population
b) Describe the social problem
c) Describe a specific program addressing the problem
d) Summary and conclusions on how well the agency/program works and its effectiveness
Teaching/Learning Strategies
Teaching methods include lecture, small and large group discussions, experiential activities (service learning), video presentations and student presentations.

APA 5P Double spaced


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