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Thesis and Bibliography Assignment

  1. Select a topic from the Textbook (see assignment below)


Select any One document in Chapters 9-15 volume 1:

  1. Identify the Document by title and page in your textbook.
  2. Identify the subject and the source (author) of the document.
  3. What are the problems being identified by the source?
  4. Does the subject of the document surprise you given what you know about the United States and American society of the source?

Final Thesis and Bibliography. (reviewed in class week 13)

Thesis and Bibliography Assignment

  1. After you have selected a topic from the Textbook (see some suggestions below) you need to write a Thesis statement. These are very large topics so feel free to focus on sub-topics. You may want to consider raising a debatable question on the subject to help you organize the thesis:

A Republic in Transition.

Jacksonian Democracy

The War of 1812

Southern Slavery

The Civil War


The Spanish American War

  1. Write a thesis statement (this is the final version of the Project you completed in Project week 13).

—Format: Your thesis should be well written, complete sentences, avoid run-on sentences.

—Your point on your subject should be well developed.

  • It should be developed and presented in no less than 2 paragraphs occupying no less than 1/2 page.

— Be sure your thesis is double spaced.

  • font type: Times New Roman, font size 12. Other fonts may be used but should not be larger than a Times 12 font. (These instructions are typed in Times New Roman and in 12 point font. )
  1. Provide the Sources on the Topic/Bibliography

Bibliography should be arranged in Modern• Language Association (MLA) format.

  • No less than 15 sources reflecting a mixed range of source (for example mix of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, online resources, film, oral sources, no Wikipedia references PLEASE!)
  1. The Final Paper should be 5-7 pages.

Again Please use only 12 point font, follow all the instructions above.


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