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Steps for this assignment are: research 1. Try to find specific requirements and examples of writing in your field- dental hygiene so you can better understand what you need to learn or improve. You can do some research online or consult a reference librarian for help; if possible, ask someone who actually works in the job you eventually want to have, or ask a faculty member with knowledge of the field. 2. While you’re at it (per the course outcomes), try to find out whether your field has “discipline-specific sources of information” and what those might be. 3. Analyze the content and rhetorical style of whatever you find: see if you can figure out and articulate what it does (and doesn’t) do. 4. Write a short report on your findings (a few paragraphs, or more if you wish); add brief examples if you were able to find any, and identify your source(s) for any such documents or for anything you quote or paraphrase from someone else. You don’t have to use a formal citation style for this report; just give the author/title and source URL or enough bibliographic information to allow readers to locate it for themselves. We’ll work on formal citation requirements later, when we get to the report assignment. The main objective is to see what you can find out about dental hygiene. 6. Submit your report as a double-spaced Word document. I’m asking you to do this one in Word mainly because most of the business/professional world runs on Microsoft Office, so at least a little practice with Word is a good.


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