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Essay Question: “Seeing, or Being (Seen to Be) Seen?”3


Nothing stays the same for very long, it seems. “The main emphasis of technology has shifted considerably” (xviii) Barbara Cassin notes, ten years after the original French publication of Google-moi. In so doing she suggests that a more appropriate title to her book today could well be Like Me! As she explains in the preface to the English translation:


What matters are no longer algorithms but immediate visibility, shared without outside intervention, weighting, or mediation, and classified solely according to what is going on around us… it is all about sharing emotions, and having what is intuitive be wholly visible, in an absolute blurring of the private/public distinction, but for the benefit of a privacy that redefines the borders of the public by defining itself as “social.” (xix)


In other words, whereas not that long ago the internet helped us to make sense of the world, it is now the precondition of our making sense of the world at all. Whereas the ‘who’ of us was once something to be found, it has recently been something to be produced. With Cassin’s reflections in mind – and with regard to either an academic discipline or a field of employment – write an argumentative essay that critically assess the claim: that the internet has fundamentally altered how we make sense of things.


Your task is to at once inform and persuade the reader of your position.


(Please use at least 10 sources ( journal , articles and books only!!!)

  • Topic: Essay Question: “Seeing, or Being (Seen to Be) Seen?”
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 7 pages/double spaced (1925 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 12


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