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This is the assignment given, if you scroll all the way down you will find my research question and information that is asked for, such as: my participants and other helpful information. If there’s a way to make my research question better feel free to help me better it. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THIS ASSIGNMENT TOO PROFESSIONAL, write it like a usual college student paper with passing grade.   Introduction and Method Sections Using the topic you chose for your Topic Essay, write APA-formatted Introduction and Methods Sections.  You will also include the beginning of your reference page (which you started in the Annotated Bibliography assignment).  Your reference page should include a minimum of 10 sources (which will also be utilized for your in-text citations). Introduction Section: Your Introduction should include the following: 1. Thesis statement – including the importance of your topic 2. Literature Review (with a minimum of 10 sources and in-text citations) 3. Your research proposal and hypothesis/es Your thesis statement (usually the first paragraph) should introduce the topic and let the reader know why it is important, why you are studying this particular topic. The literature review will be the majority of your introduction.  You should reference a minimum of ten (10) research studies.  These studies should be related to your topic of interest as well as any theories you are using to support your research.  You should try to use the most recent research possible, but if there haven’t been studies done in recent years, then you can go back as far as necessary.  The literature review should focus on studies that were similar to your study, but they should not be replicated exactly – meaning, you need to add something new to the research with your research question (perhaps applying findings to new populations or adding a new independent variable). You will propose your own research study based on the literature review.  You will actually be doing research, so how would you do it?  What would you do differently (what was “left out” of previous research; what new area or population would you include; what questions still remain in this area of research)?   The Introduction will probably be the longest section of your paper, so anything from 5-8 pages is reasonable. Method Section: Your method section should include 3 subsections: Participants – this is where you fully describe your participants; be sure to include age (range and average), gender, race, location, and any other demographic information that pertains to your study Materials/apparatus/testing instruments (see pg. 349) – this is where you describe the tools you used to conduct your data collection; use operational definitions where needed; if you are using a survey, questionnaire, assessment, inventory, etc. that has been used by other researchers, you MUST give information about the reliability, validity, and standardization of this measure (AND YOU MUST CITE THE REFERENCE). Procedure – this is a step-by-step account of what the participants and experimenter (you) did during the experiment; this should be written so that anyone reading it could replicate your study exactly Section Requirements: Introduction Section (5-6 pages) Method Section (2-3 pages) Reference Page – minimum of 10 approved sources Sections below can be submitted under separate assignment (see Canvas) Informed consent form (see sample in Module 2) IRB form (form available in Module 2) Paper Requirements: APA format (if you are unfamiliar with APA format, please review the guidelines in the resources on Canvas).   You do not need an abstract or cover page. Double-spaced, 12-pt font 1” margins Minimum 10 references** (from peer-reviewed journals or books) with a separate Reference page (use APA format).  You MUST also use in-text citations as per APA format. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax will be graded (please proofread and/or use the Writing Center at SJCC to have someone assist you with these issues). **Please be sure you are using appropriate references.  You may only use books, peer-reviewed journal articles, and approved websites ( and  If you are using any other website, you must have it approved by the professor before including it in your work.  If you access a peer-reviewed journal article online, it must still be referenced as a journal article, not a website.  If you have questions about this, ASK! IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Research question: Are people of color affected more with low confidence and low self esteem? In the future with this study I will be collecting information by using a survey.  Participants:  Genders: Female & Male  Age: 18-50 years old Race: White, Hispanic, African American, Asian, American Indian, and other  Some peer-reviewed journals that can be used:  Bachman, Jerald G, et al. “Adolescent Self-Esteem: Differences by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Age.” Self and Identity : the Journal of the International Society for Self and Identity, U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2011.  Lee, Randy T, et al. “On the Prevalence of Racial Discrimination in the United States.” PloS One, Public Library of Science, 10 Jan. 2019.  Ignore the “Informed consent form” and the  “IRB form” I will be incharge of that.


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