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The employee behavior can be defined as the reaction of an employee to a particular scenario at the workplace and the manner in which the employee perceives the surroundings. At a professional workplace, it is implied that the employee is expected to behave in a manner such that a healthy work culture is maintained (Gagné, 2018). This in turn influences the productivity of the workplace as well as the different employee’s behavior. Therefore, the primary aim of this topic is to gain an idea of how the personnel behavior of the workplace affects its productivity either positively or negatively (Kanfer&Chen, 2016). For a better focus the case of Air Canada has been chosen. Research rationale Through this study, a thorough idea about the mannerism in which the behavioral aspect of an employee has an influence on the organizational productivity will be assessed. It can be considered to be the aim of an enterprise to enhance the productivity at the workplace, however, when the employee behavior is negative, it hinders the growth and development of the enterprise and influences negative behavior amongst all staff members (Gelfand et al., 2017). This influences the productivity and workplace environment which has negative consequences for the firm (McShane & Glinow, 2017). There have been a few instances of poor work environment and productivity at the organization and therefore, through the study, the author intends to examine this association and provide recommendations to improve the same. Research question 1. What is the impact of personnel behavior on organizational productivity? Research outline Introduction- Aims to outline the purpose of the study. Literature review: Aims to underline theories associated with employee behavior and organizational behavioral framework. Research methodology: Defines and justifies the tools used for the research Findings and analysis: Presents the overall findings of the study and focuses on the analysis of the same. Conclusion: Summarizes the findings of the study and presents conclusion for the firm. References Gagné, M. (2018). From strategy to action: transforming organizational goals into organizational behavior. International Journal of Management Reviews, 20, S83-S104. Gelfand, M. J., Aycan, Z., Erez, M., & Leung, K. (2017). Cross-cultural industrial organizational psychology and organizational behavior: A hundred-year journey. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(3), 514. Kanfer, R., & Chen, G. (2016). Motivation in organizational behavior: History, advances and prospects. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 136, 6-19. McShane, S., & Glinow, M. A. V. (2017). Organizational behavior. McGraw-Hill Education Purpose You might possess a wealth of information about a subject, but this means very little if you cannot communicate your ideas. In both the academic and professional world, you will be assessed on your command of the written language. Most importantly, writing is a skill that develops over time and involves patience and experience. To do well in this course, you must put in an effort into enhancing your writing abilities.   Expectations Business graduate education requires you to write exams, cases, and essays. Each of these assignment-types has a unique set of expectations, but there are a couple key elements that apply to all. Your work will be evaluated based on the following criteria:   1.           No matter what the assignment, the purpose is always to develop a persuasive argument. This means that a thesis statement or central claim needs to be clear, concise, and voiced with authority. Be confident and be professional!   2.           Know your audience. Before you start writing, ask yourself: whom are you trying to persuade and why? The evidence you provide, the concepts you deploy, and the language you use should be based on the intended reader(s) of your document. Clarity and accessibility should always be primary goals.   3.           Organize your thoughts. A generally well-argued and well-evidenced paper can be ruined if it lacks organization. If you are answering one or more research questions, tell the reader what these are early on. Provide some structure by arranging a case analysis or essay according to how you think the central argument should be supported. Start with a clear introduction to the problem and research questions, move quickly into the main contention/thesis statement, then provide evidence and supporting claims in a logical order.   4.           Use evidence strategically. It’s not enough for you to site research and data – you must justify why the evidence supports your argument. A few key studies used properly are more effective than dozens of references randomly dispersed throughout a paper or case analysis.    5.           First and last impressions are important, that’s why you always need a strong introduction and conclusion. When instructors have dozens of papers to read, a clear and powerful introduction can influence your grade. Introductions also work to draw readers into your paper and can tell an audience right from the start if something is worth reading. An introduction should guide the reader through your argument; conclusions serve to highlight the implications and strengths of these arguments. Use the conclusion to sum up your results and recommendations, where applicable.   6.           Never regurgitate.  Sometimes it is necessary to summarize and quote elements of a case or research, but the point is for you to move on quickly and make a case for why the material is important. There is often a fine line between providing a meaningful review and excessive repetition – perfecting this comes with practice and careful proofreading. Speaking of which…   7.           Proofread, proofread, proofread. Writing can seem like a solitary business, but it doesn’t have to be. Where appropriate, have someone read over your work. Even experts consult with colleagues and editors to sharpen their writing.   Resources   There are plenty of resources available on how to improve your writing skills:   The Student Success Centre at the University of Regina offers a Writing Service program ( ).    Linda Dyer’s Critical Thinking for Business Students (CTB) is a recommended resource for your written assignments. The text provides students with important insights on how to write an essay, frame an argument, and deliver a presentation. Chapters 1, 3, 6 and 7 will be particularly useful.   Format   Style: 1.       Use APA style. See on-demand video developed by the Writing for Success department. Also, see . There are also videos in this course that will help you with using APA. Or 2.       Use the Chicago Manual of Style for the reading summaries, specifically the “author-date” method noted on the website.  An online guide can be found here: . Not enough detail? Check out the +1,000 page CMS manual online through the Archer Library.   Formant and Other Requirements   Title page: •            Paper title •            Name, date, & student number •            Course number and instructor   Research paper essay formatting •            3-to-4 pages single-spaced (limit of 4 pages) •            Times New Roman, or equivalent font •            12-point font •            Reference page (at least 4 appropriate references)   Assignments will be submitted via Turnitin on URCourses.         Topic It is up to you to select a specific research topic related to the course material for this essay. In fact, the possibilities are endless. My advice is to be inventive and explore a topic you are interested in but know little about. The instructor is always willing to discuss topics with students in advance. I will ask you to submit your topic and two sources that you might use for your topic by an assigned date.   You are expected to consult at least four (4) external sources of information for the final essay. At least two of these sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles or books. Media articles, and reports (union, industry, company, government, etc.) are all acceptable resources for this assignment.


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