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– CHANGE NAME TO ABIR. – CHANGE THE ENTIRE PAPER, I AM GOING INTO PA PLEASE RE-WRITE TURNING INTO CAPSA. – THIS LETTER SHOULD BE WRITTEN BY A DOCTOR. HE’S LETTING ME WRITE AND HE SUBMITS. – LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION – MAKE SURE GRAMMAR IS CORRECT – MAKE SURE PAPER IS WELL WRITTEN -DOES NOT SOUND ALIKE. – IF CAN NOT HANDLE THE TASK DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS PAPER.  Dear Admissions Committee, It is with absolute confidence that I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms. Jamiley Cheikh for acceptance to your medical school. I have come to know Jamiley over the course of two years on both a personal and professional level. I have had the pleasure of mentoring her as my medical shadow and have been impressed by her demeanor since.  She has proven to be one of the most ambitious and intelligent students I have had the honor of working with. Upon my first interaction with Jamiley, I immediately sensed her positive yet confident personality. She communicated effectively in both a professional and respectful manner. Her level of maturity continues to impress me given her young age. Of all the remarkable qualities Jamiley holds, her determination to succeed is undeniable. She works toward her goals by seeking help, asking questions, and implementing her knowledge into her work. This is evident through her perseverance in becoming as informed as possible. With the desire to excel, she took notes of diagnoses and began to recognize the symptoms of patients. What truly amazes me most is Jamiley’s commitment to others. Her first priority is always the patient and her gentle manner is comforting to all. Her dream of aiding underprivileged communities is humbling as she has already volunteered internationally as a medical assistant. Jamiley is an exemplary leader that many need in the medical world, given that her heart and mind are both in the right place. I have no doubt that Jamiley would excel as a medical student and go on to succeed as a physician. I envision her to be an innovative, creative, and caring physician one day, which is why she has my wholehearted recommendation. She will be a valuable addition to your program and will only leave her mark as she has done so in many patients already. Please contact me if there is anything else I could do on Jamiley’s behalf.


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