What key things did you learn about social class for you personally? Relate some of your realizations to this Social Class Assignments | College Homework Help

Describe your reactions, perceptions and significant insights gained from the reading and activities, being specific to demonstrate your engagement of each segment of readings. (So that means incorporate insights from all the material, as appropriate, to demonstrate that).  Develop your paper around these lines of thought: What key things did you learn about social class for you personally?  Relate some of your realizations to this Social Class Exercise ATTACHED (I’m a white female) .  Would you have done this exercise differently if the examples were female? If they were non-white? Think about access to jobs and education. Reflect on your experience playing Spent. http://playspent.org/  Do you personally identify with a certain “class” or have you or your family changed class over time (“up” or “down”)?  If so, were there meaningful differences (pro or con) you experience simply by virtue of “class” or perceived class status (Sometimes we “pass” for a class we don’t really feel a part of).  You may want to use the New York Time’s Social Class Calculator or the Pew’s Research Center Calculator  to help you figure out where you stand in comparison to most Americans. In terms of organizations, what really “stuck out” to you from the Social Class readings and team building discussion….did it trigger any awareness? Bias? Understanding? Have you seen social class related to privilege, bias, or the like at work in an organization?  Briefly describe  Logistics At least three pages Incorporation of 3 in-text citations Papers should be between 3 pages (minimum) and four pages (maximum).  A “page” refers to text written in a docx file with1-inch margins, double-spaced and 12 pt font.  Remember to incorporate your readings into your paper and use in-text citations.  Points will be deducted if proper citations are not used.  No separate works cited page is needed here unless you use other sources than I provided you.  Aim to use your own words, but when you quote or paraphrase, remember that in addition to including the author and date in the citation, you also need to include the page number of the quote: (Smith, 2015, p.1).


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