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Completion Requirements for SOC 201

Use this document to complete this assignment by typing your answers after each question with the word count (see required length at the end of each question) of your answer noted at the end of each answer. Given the circumstances, your ceiling grade is a “C”; however, meaningful completion of this assignment will allow you to have a passing grade in the course up to a “C”.

The key is demonstrating that you are using and understanding the concepts from the text associated with each question. These questions have been selected from the chapter questions in the text. Your completed assignment must be received by me, through email at [email protected] NO LATER than October 28, 2020 at noon.


  1. What is sociological theory and what does it do? [300 words]

Chapter One

  1. What specific characteristics of capitalism contribute to the inequality that is inherent in capitalism as an economic and social system? [400 words]


  1. What is ideology, and how does it work in everyday life? [250 words]

Chapter Two

  1. Why for Durkheim should we think of drug addiction, poverty, or crime, for example as “social facts” rather than as “social problems”? [400 words]

Chapter Three

  1. How does Weber’s analysis of stratification differ from that of Marx? [200 words]

Chapter Four

  1. Identify a policy change or experience in your local community that would be a good illustration of a) anticipated and functional social consequences; b) unanticipated and functional social sequences; and c) unanticipated and dysfunctional social consequences. [500 words]

Chapter Five

  1. How are contemporary forms of technology used as instruments of control? And by whom? And with what consequences? [400 words]

Chapter Six

  1. What does it mean to say that group conflict is normal in society? How does it show its normalcy? What are its sources and consequences? [300 words]


  1. Who or what is the power elite and provide examples of how you know? [150 words}


Chapter Seven

  1. How can women optimize the utilitarian value of marriage to them as individuals in a society that unequally rewards women’s work relative to men’s? [500 words]

Chapter Eight

  1. What is stigma? Where does it come from? How might it be negotiated? Can a stigmatized behaviour or identity change over the course of an individual’s lifetime? [500 words]

Chapter 10

  1. Identify one specific way in which gender inequality is manifested in the workplace, in places of worship, at home, in sports, in television entertainment, in advertising, in politics, I sociology. In each instance, explain the processes of reproduction. What are the ruling practices and the ruling texts that seem to matter in each case? [250 words for each example]

Chapter Eleven

  1. What is queer theory? What does it help us to see that we might not otherwise think about from within the existing canon of sociological theory? [400 words]

Chapter Twelve

  1. What historical, social, and cultural factors contribute to the Otherization of members of minority racial groups? [500 words]



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