-What are the ethical and political implications of Antigone? Assignments Get Homework Help


 (POLI2406:  8-9 pages [excluding bibliography], double spaced, 12 pt. font)



Choose one essay question from the hand out provided. You must use at least three academic sources, including primary and secondary sources.  Follow the Chicago Manual of Style for referencing and use either in-text bracketing, endnotes, or footnotes.   Also include a complete bibliography. The page number requirements are strict and marks will be deducted for work less than 8 full pages, excluding title page and bibliography. You will be evaluated on critical reflection regarding the research question, close attention to key concepts, clear writing style, and satisfaction of format requirements.



-Pertinent and clearly stated thesis in introduction    (should be about ¾ to one page)

-introduction of topic

-explanation of the context/pertinence of research

-interesting, pertinent, and clearly stated argumentative thesis

-brief outline (2-3 lines) of how the body of the paper will be structured


-Coherent, cohesive, and pertinent argumentation in defence

of the thesis throughout the body of the paper

-clear/rational progression of argument

-good use of transitional phrases and/or section subheadings between sections


-Accurate, complete, comprehensive, critical use of key concepts

-evidence of solid research of the chosen topic and a rigourous

engagement with research sources

-respect of paper length requirement

-evidence of three academic sources


Clear style (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling)


Formatting and referencing

-follow the format/presentation requirements (font, spacing, etc.)

-properly and thoroughly cite your sources according to Chicago Style

-complete, alphabetized bibliography












Suggested Essay Topics


-What are the ethical and political implications of Antigone?


-What is the allegory of the cave meant to illustrate?




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