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Using the Sanchez case, the textbooks, and three to five current scholarly, empirical references, you will discuss/analyze/assess the development of one family member presented in the case scenario.  Introduction 1. Provide an introduction which prepares the reader for the areas that will be explored in the paper. 2. Select one person from the Sanchez  family  Introduce and present the individual you will be analyzing in this paper. 3. Body of paper should link each of the four’s lens to the individual. In addition, select and discuss the theory under the lens: Lens/ Theoretical Framework 1. Person-in-environment Lens ● Systems Theory ● Ecological Theory ● Strengths Perspective 2. Biopsychosocial Lens ● Medical Model ● Cognitive Development ● Psychosexual Development ● Psychosocial Development 3. Sociocultural Lens ● Learning Theories ● Humanistic Perspective ● Functionalism Theory ● Symbolic Interactionism/Social Constructionism ● Culturalism Perspective ●Feminist Theory ●Conflict Theory   4. Social Change Lens ● Racism/ Oppression/Discrimination ● Social/Economical Oppression ● Social and Economic Justice ● Social Change in Action ● Community Organization   4. Patterns in family discussed In discussing your case, be sure to include any relevant information relating to family dynamics like patterns from one generation to the next, resources (community, family, social, etc) that are available to the family, and protective and risk factors as seen through a strength perspective. Summarize/ Conclusion 5. Summarize your case analysis and draw final conclusions View the case at There are 10 members of the Sanchez family, choose one to assess for the essay.


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