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This is a formal essay that must have an introductory paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement. You must use textual evidence from both  Dracula and  In the Next Room to support your thesis. You must have a clear conclusion that does not simply restate your introduction. Your paper must be proofread, double spaced, and formatted in a 12 pt font with one-inch margins. Here are guidelines for your title block on the first page, and how to format headers  Use in-text parenthetical citations and include works cited page formatted correctly according to MLA  guidelines.

Length: No less than 3 pages (750 words, not counting the works cited page), but no more than 4 (1000 words).

Prompt: From  Dracula and  In the Next Room, choose two characters and in a well-organized essay, compare their desires and the challenges they face in their 19th-century worlds.  Has the use of new technologies helped them or hindered them in having their desires met and their challenges resolved?   Where did those desires come from, and how are they represented in the text itself?

[Remember that simply making a list of answers to these questions does not an essay make, but working to answer them for yourself, and looking for textual detail that supports those answers, as you brainstorm and then begin a draft, will provide you with the building blocks for discovering a strong thesis/claim, and writing a well-organized essay! Set aside time for the drafting, organizing, re-organizing, and proofreading steps here. If we simply get a list of answers to the questions in the prompt, you didn’t read the instructions, and you didn’t write an essay!]


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