Critical Analysis “The Attack of the Friendly Robots” Assignments Get Homework Help

Critical Analysis Length: 750 word minimum Format: MLA, no cover sheet, Times New Roman or Arial 12 font Include: Work Cited Article: “The Attack of the Friendly Robots,” You will complete the critical analysis on “The Attack of the Friendly Robots,” written by Dr. Sherry Turkle. Your essay will include the major theme of the article and how Turkle uses evidence to support her theme. Determine if it meets the criteria for credible evidence. Discuss any strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and how these aspects help the author achieve, or fail to achieve, her purpose. Questions to keep in mind: Does the author ignore contradictory evidence? How does this impact the author’s argument? What evidence has the author failed to consider? How does this impact the author’s argument? What are the implications of this argument? Based on the evidence presented, does the author support his or her argument? Introduction – make sure to include the title of the article, publication information, author’s name, purpose, and thesis. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph will be your thesis. Summary – briefly summarize the article. Body – this is your evaluation of the evidence. Make sure that you use examples from the text. Properly cite each example. Conclusion – restate (in new words) your argument, and summarize the arguments made throughout the text. Work Cited – cite the text using MLA citation format. Basic Information: Do not use first or second person Do not use the author’s first name unless you are writing the entire name. Do not use contractions Do not use abbreviations Use academic language


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