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Why do “white people assume all black people are experts on trends and shit” (294)? Why can’t Starr “share that part” of herself—her black/Garden Heights identity—with people at her school (300)? CHAPTER 18 When the family’s looking at a new house, why do you think Sekani call the neighbors “fake people” (308)? Why doesn’t Mav call the cops after the drive-by (319)? Why does Mav make his children recite points one and seven of the Ten-Point Program (320-21)? What is an “Uncle Tom” and why does Carlos call himself one (323)? What is his point? CHAPTER 19 What is Lisa’s definition of “brave” (331)? CHAPTER 20 Do you think Hailey deserved to be punched by Starr (341)? Why are Garden Disciples and King Lords gathered together in Starr’s house with her father (344-345)? What are they worried about?


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