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composites. These are often referred to as composites. List the composites computed for the assessment. ·Fine Motor Quotient: This composite is a combination of the results of the subtests that measure the use of the small muscle systems: Grasping, Visual- Motor Integration. The complete valpar component work sample #06 is attached bellow Sample of composite from DASH assessment The DASH assessment is a 30- item questionnaire that each patient answers individually based on their disabilities and symptoms. It’s designed to assess musculoskeletal disorders in adult upper extremities- arms, shoulders, hands. In addition to the 30 questions, there’s also two, optional, 4-item high performance sections which focus on athletes, artists, and high functioning workers. All sections are tested using a Likert scale of 1 to 5. Depending on how the questions are being asked, the 1 will stand for no difficulty, not at all, not limited, none, or strongly disagree and the 5 will stand for unable, extremely, unable, or strongly agree. The patient will indicate a value of 1 to 5 for each question. The 30-item questionnaire and the optional 4-item section will be scored using the same equation, but will receive separate numerical values. Each component requires all scored questions to be added into a raw score, averaged, and transformed into a 0-100 scale for easier comprehension. The equation is… [(Sum of n responses / n) – 1] x 25     Simply stated: add values, divide by 30, subtract 1, multiply by 25 The “n” is equal to the amount of completed responses, ideally it should be the full 30. In order to score the questionnaire, the patient must complete at least 27 questions or 90% of the test. If more than 10% of the questions are left blank, then the DASH cannot be scored. In terms of the optional, high functioning section, a numerical value will be obtained using the same equation but 100% of the questions need to be answered to receive a score. The higher the score the greater the disability. The DASH outcome measure. (2006). Retrieved from Institute of Work and Health:


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