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The learning objective is for you to refine your arguments by way of writing about a business issue of your choice in Asia involving one of the technology topics listed below. The value is an opportunity for you to “make your words your own” by going through the process of diligent researching, writing, and editing— and, therefore, refining—of your original ideas and logical arguments over a period of several months. By the time you have finished the paper, and before it is graded, you will have achieved the learning objective and earned the value from this component of the course. Therefore, rushing to write a paper a few days before the deadline is valueless and defeats the purpose of the paper—do not do it. It is also val- ueless to repeat what other people have written. Feel free to contradict or agree with the professor’s posi- tions, but always present your evidence. Do not recite arguments from authority. Select one of the technology topics, below, and apply it to a specific business or an industry (e.g., fi- nance, healthcare, pharma, biotech, manufacturing, ) and a specific country or region in Asia. Your burden shall be to analyze business issues involving the technology topic and provide your insights and recom- mendations. The technology topics are: 1. Blockchain 2. Cybersecurity 3. FinTech 4. InsurTech 5. Cryptocurrency 6. AI 7. Digital marketing 8. IT Outsourcing 9. Cloud 10. Digital transformation The paper shall not be a narrative description of the technology topic (i.e., a recitation of google facts). Assume that the reader knows what the technologies are. Format of the Paper 1. A4; 2. length 10 full pages excluding the references, bibliography, and appendix; 3. no cover page; 4. Times Roman, 11 point; 5. line spacing 1.2 (o before paragraph, 1.2 after paragraph); 6. document margins 2.54 cm top, bottom, left, right; 7. no header field; 8. footer field is 1.27 cm from bottom with page number centered; 9. first line of each paragraph indented 1cm except for the first paragraph of each section; 10. no images, clip art, color, or graphics; 11. APA style for references; 12. abstract; 13. no cover page;


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