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You are working for a major U.S. corporation that wants to expand its reach globally and has narrowed the search to either Mexico or Japan. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a memo that analyzes potential compliance issues with respect to aspects of law and ethics that are specific to one of the two countries. You will choose to prepare your memo for either Mexico or Japan and address the critical elements below. This will help inform the final executive decision.

Because you have some fluency with domestic laws, and given your background and history with the corporation, you have been asked to assess the pros and cons of the decision, and to provide your insights with respect to the ethical and legal implications of the expansion.

1. Be specific about client’s strengths and, you should focus on just your client’s claims.

2. Identify operative employment and contract laws that apply to company’s case (simply needs to identify the laws that you think will apply and briefly state why. This should be presented in a separate paragraph or section.

3. Facts to be Determined: determine facts needed for better analyzing company’s position.

4. Facts to be Determined: Establish,explain how identified facts will help establish the legal rights and/or obligations of defendant in relation to company, but with gaps in logic or detail.

5. Impact Assessment: Damages,makes suggestions for how to alleviate damages to company’s public perception, addressing whether actions related to other party are appropriate. (such as, a positive public relations campaign or even settling the case).


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