Research Topic: In what ways does the music industry exploit the works of individual artists?Essays | Online Homework Help

The purpose of this assignment is to draft an introduction and provide a review of the literature. Attached please find a detailed description of what my professor wants to be included. I included some notes throughout the document so that you have an idea of what to talk about  Also, I attached a research outline that I did so you can get an idea of what my topic is about. Please look at the outline as you may find it super helpful to complete the assignment  Please be sure to look at the grading rubric to assess whether all required aspects are touched upon. Also, please write the assignment in the same document that the draft is attached in you can begin writing it directly under the rubric!! Thanks so much in advance for your time!

Marcella Lia minute ago

Also, I attached two of the sources as PDF files to make it easier for you to access them


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