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Analyze this map showing the distribution and location of the Japanese-American population and the federal institutions established to process, transfer, and incarcerate them during World War II. In addition, carefully examine the two textual sources included here: FDR’s Fireside Chat justifying U.S. entry into the war based on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Yoshiko Uchida’s first-person account of her family’s experience upon being sent to an internment camp.   Using these materials to provide evidence to support your argument, explain what forces came together in the U.S., and within states in the Evacuation Zone on the West Coast in particular, to make it possible that Japanese-Americans – not other groups like German-Americans or Italian-Americans – would be imprisoned in internment camps. What contrasts do you see in how Japanese Americans are represented in the Uchida’s account versus in Roosevelt’s arguments for war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? In her story, Uchida describes the reactions of both sympathetic neighbors and other unsympathetic onlookers to their forced evacuation: what might have been the conflicting concerns in the minds of those living in the affected regions from which Japanese-Americans were forced to leave? Cite specific language from both texts to establish a fuller picture of the tensions between two warring nations and the actions taken by the U.S. government to stem any potential threat posed by citizens of Japanese ancestry. In this three-part assignment, you will: Analyze the textual primary sources provided: the first source is F.D.R.’s Fireside Chat justifying U.S. entry into World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the second is a first-person account of Yoshiko Uchida, a Japanese-American woman who was imprisoned in an internment camp. Tip: Use the Primary Source question sets in this folder to help you begin to understand the sources. 2. Next, open and analyze the interactive map located in the learning path. Take notes on how this supports your essay thesis and how you plan to use the data in the larger essay that you write. Check Your Understanding Questions for the map — located in this Activity folder — are available to help guide your exploration. 3. Write a strong essay comparing the two primary sources and incorporating evidence from the map.


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