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In the attachment, there is my report and the graded report. I need you to edit my report to meet the comments that my instructor wrote and the assignment instructions. I need someone who is good in Data Science and Machine Learning Here is the instructions: Attached you will find a paper:    50 Years of Data Science, by David Donoho, 2017 You can also find the paper online. Your first major assignment is to first read this paper.   Then you should write a “report” dealing with at least two major themes found in the paper.      The paper is not “technical” in a mathematical sense.   Some parts of the paper might cover things you are not familiar with.    However, the paper covers several themes,  and you only have to discuss two major themes.  You should find and read two additional references that discuss these themes or which discuss related Data Science methods.  Only one of these can be a website.  Note how this paper cites references.   You should use the same style of citation for your additional references.     You report should be at most 2500 words.


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