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Your goal in this essay is, again, to advance a unified interpretation with a strong, debatable thesis claim that focuses the essay. Work on developing the specific, debatable interpretation in your thesis persuasively and in depth. To do so, you will need to do each of the following on this CHECKLIST: □ a thoughtful title that suggests or hints at your overall argument □ a strong, specific, debatable thesis claim □ argumentative topic sentence claims that advance the thesis overtly, using key terms from your thesis and focused on the literary text specifically (and no undebatable observation, generalization, summary or quotes in your topic sentences) □ paragraph unity (one—and only one—main argument per paragraph) □ solid quoted evidence in each paragraph (minimum 3-4 per paragraph) □ analysis of each quote in terms of the relevant topic sentence claim and the overall thesis claim □ You must also integrate each quote smoothly into your own sentences, using correct punctuation with quotes and parenthetical citations □ transitions between sentences and ideas to improve the flow of your ideas/writing via clear logical connections (Furthermore, Moreover, For example, For instance, Similarly, Likewise, Indeed, In fact, In the same way, In so doing, As a result, Therefore, Thus, However, Ultimately, etc.) □ a concluding sentence for each paragraph This essay will focus on the Self as it relates to Plato’s Apology. Pick one of the two following prompts to directly answer it and develop a unified thesis (only your best ideas, not as many ideas as possible): 1) Why did Socrates not defend himself against the charges against him in the trial depicted in The Apology? After you specifically characterize how he instead conducts himself in his tone and arguments, make a case for why he conducted himself as he did. What ideals/values and beliefs motivated him? What is most important to Socrates? How are these ideals related to a coherent philosophy and understanding, both of himself and what he values?


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