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Please write a five-page essay on one of the following questions.  All written assignments should be double-spaced, with a 1″ margin on all sides, and a 12 pt. font. Any images and/or bibliographies are not included in the five page length requirement. Note: five pages of text is roughly 1,250 words.  In each essay, you will be discussing works of art.  In all examples that you discuss, your images should be fully identified by title, artist (if known), date, and location of object.  Then, give a brief formal description and analysis of the work, and explain in a very specific and detailed way a response to the essay question.  Your paper should be written entirely in your own words, although you may use a limited number of quotations from your textbook, with page references given in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.  This essay format will be the same for all essays you write in all units of this class.  Essay Questions (Please select one to answer): This assignment addresses whether or not there is a Pan-African aesthetic. Think about how important rituals are in understanding the context of African art. Be sure to pay special attention to the section on Yoruba aesthetics.  Then, select three examples of works of art, one from each area: the Southeast, Central, and West Africa to argue yes or no to this question. Discuss the importance of the masquerade in three different African cultures.  What cultural significance do these masks have, and how were/are they used in society?  Provide a geographical and cultural overview first, then describe and analyze three examples that span the assigned reading in your textbook. The Great Zimbabwe is the largest complex of stone ruins in South Africa.  Please use the discussion on your reading and find at least three more online sources to describe the trade center/royal residence, its function and its historical importance.  Include a bibliography and at least five images you found.  You might look at the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, and PBS has an excellent website “Mystery of Great Zimbabwe.”  The UNESCO World Heritage Center counts the Great Zimbabwe National Monument as a World Heritage Site. Resources: Kleiner, Fred. (2015). Gardner’s Art Through the Ages Backpack Edition Book C & Book F. (15th Edition). Cengage.  https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/ap-art-history/start-here-apah/intro-art-history-apah/v/visual-analysis https://www.archives.gov/research/african-art https://www.artic.edu/departments/PC-1/arts-of-africa


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