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EDU 180 Application Assignment: Website Review NAEYC Standards for Initial & Advanced Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs STANDARD 2: BUILDING FAMILY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS 2a: Knowing about and understanding diverse family and community characteristics Find a website that offers resources for families/parents and caregivers of young children . Link to Handout: “How Do I Evaluate a Website?” from the OCC library to help you with your review. Include the Following in your review (please NUMBER the sections): 1.           Title of Site 2.           Author (if applicable) 3.           Internet URL 4.           Description of the Resource:   a.           A summary of what is contained in the website and/or the mission of the website (15 points)   b.           What is the purpose of the site? To sell, to inform, to persuade? (5 points)     5.           Evaluation of the Resource:   a.           How well does the website convey it’s message? Give examples to support your evaluation. (30 points)   b.           Does the website show minimal bias? Is there advertising on the page? (10 points)     c.            Is the information in the website accurate? How can you tell? Is there an editor that verifies information? (25 points)   d.           What was the most interesting or most important thing you learned from this website? (15 points)     Note: The number in parentheses is the value for that section calculating he grade for your website review.


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