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Write a 6 page Integration Paper about Conflict with Change “To integrate” means to do one or more of the following: § Compare the two concepts § Show the relationship between the two concepts, and any differences that may exist § Use one concept to illustrate or reinforce the other concept § Use one concept to reinforce or refute the other concept Describe each concept as comprehensively as possible, exhibiting thorough understanding. Also, cite the sources you consulted. End the paper with at least two lessons learned, conclusions reached, or recommendations derived. Format Details · When using concepts from any of the assigned texts, cite the page. Use in-text cites; for example (Gallos, p.x). Citations require a bibliography. · This is a formal paper. Therefore, use formal language. The paper should be about 1,500 words (5 pages +/-), double spaced, 11 pitch type, 1” margins. There is no penalty for longer papers. Remember that your paper must include. Cover Page, an Abstract, a Table of Contents, and a Bibliography, all in APA format. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS USE AS MAIN SOURCES THE ARTICLES THAT ARE INCLUDED IN ATTACHMENT ALSO USE A MAIN SOURCE FIRST BOOK ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT FOREWORD BY EDGAR H. SCHEIN EDITOR JOAN V. GALLOS AND SECOND BOOK THE DESIGN OF BUSINESS BY ROGER MARTIN. I INCLUDED 2 SAMPLES OF THE SAME SUBJECT.


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