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This DB will help you to meet some of your course outcomes, including to “Understand the history of international conflict management and the direction it is moving today” and “to compare and contrast conflict management strategies used in an international setting versus a national setting.” Thus far we have been looking at the theoretical aspects of conflict management.  In future chapters we will look at the practical application and management strategies.  We will begin to see that there are challenges to all strategies.  One that will arise consistently is the issue of state sovereignty and the unwillingness of states to hand issues of national security off to international organizations.  So let’s begin to explore that from the theoretical side:   International Conflict Management necessarily requires international cooperation.  International organizations are associations of member states created by treaty.    The UN has stated, “The Rule of law is fundamental to international peace and security and political stability.”  Please read the article below on the Rule of Law:   This UN article reads, “… Goal 16 is an enabling goals for Member States to generate national-level policy changes that advance progress on other SDGs (sustainable development goals).  The UN considers the rule of law an “important component of sustaining peace.”  Some of the areas that the rule of law encompasses are: extremism, hate speech, climate change/ environmental issues, cybercrime.    When considering the rule of law, what are some of the benefits of recognizing an international rule of law?  Can you think of any challenges this poses to national laws/ policies or sovereignty?    (Hint:  You may want to consider how controversial some of these issues are within our own nation, ex.  Should the display of the confederate flag be considered hate speech?  Do we agree on climate change?  Are we willing as a nation to agree to international norms or do we prefer to rely on our own system of law?)


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