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JetBlue, one of the largest airlines in the U.S., has hired you as a consultant to perform an internal control risk assessment.  To begin, you should research JetBlue’s background and locate JetBlue’s 2019 10-K. Review the 10-K index and become familiar with the sections of JetBlue’s 10-K. You may update your analysis with events that have occurred during 2020. Directions: Identify the overall corporate objectives of JetBlue and some of the strategies implemented to achieve those objectives. Identify some of the strategic risks that potentially could impede Jet Blue from achieving its objectives. As part of their “entity level” controls Jet Blue strives for effective executive leadership and strong corporate governance, including the Board of Directors and its committees. A.    Describe an entity- level control and provide a few examples. B.   Describe the structure and titles of the executive leadership team and the composition of the        Board of Directors (include their background and the committees on which they serve within        the Board of Directors). C.   Provide a brief assessment (2-3 paragraphs) of Jet Blue’s corporate governance leadership        structure.  Make 1-2 recommendations you could provide for the composition of the executive        leadership team of the Board of Directors. Risk assessment also occurs at the financial statement level.  Identify what you consider to be some of the critical (significant) accounting policy areas for JetBlue (these are included in the Management    Discussion and Analysis section of the 10-K).   Note a few of the significant estimates and judgments that management must make in applying appropriate accounting standards (you do not need to reference the specific technical standards in your response).


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