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Do you believe conflict theories have more or less relevance today? Why or why not? Give specific examples.  An opinion—– Conflict theory was influenced by the works of Karl Marx, which he believed that the general population was divided into two group. One group was labeled as the wealthy, who controlled the means of production and businesses, he called them the bourgeois. Then there is another group labeled as the workers who depend on the bourgeois for employment and survival through life, he called them the proletariat. Marx believed that the wealthy centralized their power and influence through the government, laws, and other authority agencies to maintain their positions of power in society as well as expand their power. Marx theorized that this system had created class conflict because the interests of the two were at odds, and resources were unjustly distributed among them. Many other theorist like Turk, Chambliss, and Quinney also built on Marx’s conflict theory in which they, “Explored the criminalization process with a focus on factors that might explain the behavior of the authorities rather than that of the offenders” (338). I believe conflict theories have more relevance today because it can be looked at with the forms of injustices, violence, and discrimination that is relevant somehow to society today. An example can be the criminal justice system, which when crimes are committed by members of the wealthy class, they often receive less punishment than crimes committed by people of minority or those of lower socioeconomic status. Another example is seen through race, in which blacks are treated unfairly because of the perceptions made about them, which still seen today, and this raised the social movement, after years of unequal treatment, the Black Lives Matter movement, which protests violence against black people. The movement’s supporters continue to demonstrate when black people are killed in situations that are perceived to be non-threatening   Chapter 8 of the attached book.


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