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Write a reflection that shows how the behavior change machine worked in the film “No”.  watch the Film “NO” Define specifically target, business objectives, marketing objectives, competition, media, measurement, what might have been missing – or not shown. How could it have worked totally online? Mobile? Describe all the agency roles that you see at work in companies Grading Criteria — each worth 10% Identified target audience for No campaign Defined correct business objective (Get) for No campaign Defined correct marketing objective for No campaign Defined competition for No campaign — and what is their objective Write Get – To – By for No campaign Correct Get – To By for No campaign Identify 3 creative executions for No campaign Defines what is criteria for success for No campaign How would you adapt the No campaign if it was for today? Three examples. Describe and define 5 agency roles and who does them for No campaign. >>> For 10 extra credit points, how would you describe the key insight that fueled the No campaign?


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