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Formatting your proposal argument will differ from essay format in that your proposal will contain front matter, body text and end matter.  Your proposal argument may also utilize headings and visuals. Your front matter will include: A title page.  Includes the title of your proposal, to audience of your report, who wrote the report, and the date. Type each of these items on a separate line and center each line. An executive summary.  Your executive summary includes the title of the proposal and your name at the top. Then, it describes the problem and your solution in a single paragraph. The body of your proposal will contain the following information.  Create your own informative headings to distinguish between sections. A statement of the problem.  Introduces the problem and establishes the relevance of the problem for your audience. A description of the solution.  Describes the solution and the steps needed to implement it. An explanation of reasons. Provides your reasoning and/or your evidence in support of your proposed solution. You will also address any available alternatives, as well as possible counterarguments to your solution. A conclusion. This section summarizes and reinforces your main points, considers the larger implications of your solution, indicates if there are any further solutions to consider, and/or issues a call to action. The following content will comprise your end matter: A works cited.  Be sure to follow exactly the citation guide in your textbook. The works cited list is never numbered but is always alphabetized. Every reference on the list should match a clearly labeled in-text citation in the body of your proposal. An appendix (optional).  Any documents or visuals that might be too large for the body of your proposal may be included in an appendix.  Be sure to label each item.   Your final draft should include 2 pages for front matter, 4-5 double-spaced pages for body content and at least 1 page for end matter (works cited): a total of 7-10 pages. You are encouraged to include headings in the body text and visuals if relevant.  When citing your outside sources, follow MLA


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