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This course requires that you write a 6–8-page research paper. One might ask, “What is Toward an Understanding of Administration in Ministry?” When a minister is a pastor/teacher and he allows Scripture to control his ministry, he becomes an effective administrator for people to follow. Therefore, this paper should be written in a manner that demonstrates your understanding of how a minister should administer his ministry so that people are able to come to know and love God, and allow Him to be their Master and Redeemer. Furthermore, this paper should follow the guidelines that are listed below. Ask yourself each of the following below questions to ensure you fulfill all requirements.   Introduction 1.         What is the topic you are going to address? 2.         Is there a clear thesis statement? 3.         Does the introduction provide a clear overview of the paper’s contents?   Content 1.         Are the issues raised in the topic properly treated? 2.         Are there differing viewpoints considered, analyzed, and treated within your paper? 3.         Do you analyze the topic thoroughly and logically? 4.         Is your paper written with clear and concise content? 5.         Is your paper written substantively with good development of ideas and concepts? 6.         Do the assertions that you make in your paper have clear support (sources)? 7.         Does your paper flow? 8.         Is your word choice clear and concise without any ambiguity? 9.         Is your paper organization strong and focused? 10.   Did you use proper headings? 11.   Are the transitions between your paragraphs and sections clear? 12.   Are your sentences written with fluency—coherent, unified, and varied? 13.   Are your sentences structured properly—complete, clear, and concise? 14.   Is your punctuation correct? 15.   Did you double space your paper? 16.   Did you use Times New Roman as your font? Did you use 12 point as your font size?   Materials & Style 1.         Did you incorporate 5 scholarly sources? 2.         Are materials properly cited and quoted? Are quotes relevant to the study? Is your paper properly formatted following Turabian guidelines? Are the entries in the bibliography and footnotes properly formatted? Is your paper without spelling and grammatical errors?  Does your paper reflect an appropriate collegiate-level of vocabulary?


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